Wave Energy Collective

Turning waves into Watts!

At Weco, we believe that wave energy will play an important role in achieving a 100% renewable energy supply. The worldwide potential of wave energy is the equivalent of three billion households that can be supplied with electricity! Furthermore, it is a good addition to the existing sources of green energy. Offshore wind farms and wave energy installations can be well combined and a mix of energy sources ensures a more stable energy production.

2x as efficient

due to horizontal orientation

Low cost

competitive LCOE


go with the flow

Our approach

Unlike many traditional wave energy converters that use up and down motion, we use the horizontal movement of the waves to generate electricity. This has a number of advantages: Firstly, the efficiency is twice as high, we see this reflected in data and can also be proven mathematically. Second, installation is easier because we can use the same method as ships (an anchor) for mooring. Traditional WECs require a large concrete block to absorb the vertical forces. Thirdly, we can build our device much lighter because we do not require a large volume for generating buoyancy.


20 june 2024

Weco will be testing at world largest wave simulation facility at Deltares.

12 June 2024

Multi-Use on the North Sea: The Future of Sustainability and Innovation.

29 May 2024

Watch our video of one of our testdays in the harbour of Scheveningen.

10 May 2024

News: Study shows wave energy will rival offshore wind costs by 2030s.